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Catherine Basse is a Licensed Natural Therapist and is Nationally Certified in Integrative Bodywork and Massage.

A Health Trust is a personal commitment. Ms. Basse’s is based on a foundation of more than 20 years of experience and education which combines therapeutic and intuitive approaches to design strategies for managing stress, pain reduction and overall well-being. This is accomplished through the use of therapeutic muscle and energy therapies, Bach Flower Remedies, Colon Hydrotherapy and dietary planning.

Cathy's private practice has led her to design programs for many people including internationally known celebrities. She has worked with Dr. Andrew Weil in the production of the PBS specials: “Spontaneous Healing” and “8-weeks to
Optimum Health”

"As long as you can blink your eyes and consciously take a full breath, you can regenerate your body."

Perhaps now is the time you have decided to do something meaningful for yourself. Designing your personal “health trust” is an investment in your well-being, and a better life.

Make these choices now while you can gently integrate them on your own time today, before it becomes a necessity for tomorrow. You’ll discover the amazing benefits you can achieve through stress reduction, detoxification, bodywork and energy balancing... along with guidance in dietary strategies and food plans.


This century old technique is utilized by health practitioners to rid the body of toxins. An absence of toxins enables us to recover faster from physical or emotional stress caused by general autointoxication (a condition of a poorly functioning metabolism due to a toxic diet, medications and lifestyle choices).

Also known as a colonic, colon hydrotherapy is administered for approximately 45 minutes and is performed with a soothing flow of purified water that bathes the colon allowing fecal material and gas build-up to be easily eliminated from the body. It is comfortably and modestly managed while lying on your back. The procedure is odorless, non-invasive and sterile. The common response to a colonic is to feel revitalized and refreshed.

"Our road to health
is paved with
good intestines."

Health enthusiasts and athletes utilize this type of treatment in conjunction with exercise, weight management and training programs.

Colonics alleviate sluggishness, remove accumulated waste, and prevent constipation, water retention and congestion through the body. Doctors often recommend sessions prior to a medical procedure such as a colonoscopy and to help with digestive disorders. Many people seek colon hydrotherapy to improve their overall health and well-being.

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