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Mary - Lees Summit, MO
I am a 50 year old female who has had bowel issues since approximately 5 years of age. After 20 years of dealing with this problem as an adult, I became borderline agoraphobic. I was barely able to get to work and back due to the problems stemming from chronic constipation. Then the mental stress added to the physical burden and was agonizing.

First, I had to rule out anything anatomical that may have been created from birth. I saw who specialized in pelvic floor disorder, had colonoscopies, tried every medication known on the subject and changed my lifestyle in every way suggested. I even went as far as going to a specialist who boasted he could find my problem and was ready to do surgery to remove part of my intestines! He sent me through a grueling battery of tests including inserting balloons into my rectum to measure pressure and sensation, he injected me with fluorescent matter that mimicked" 'Fake" bowel and recorded a video tape of me releasing it which potentially resulted in a prolapsed rectum. He sent me to another specialist who inserted a 2 inch needle 3 different places around the rim of my rectum and took an electrode on the tip of his finger and literally reamed the inside of my rectum with electrical shocks to get a reading of the sphincter muscle response. As you can imagine, I felt like I was in a monster's laboratory. I have never been so degraded in my life, even worse, this was all to no avail.

Thus began my journey into colonics. I started with the Libbe Machines for two years which did provide temporary relief. Then I heard about Therapist administered Colon Hydrotherapy and that was when I met Catherine Basse.

It is hard to articulate what meeting Cathy has meant to me and the quality of life she has helped restore. From the first meeting my anticipatory anxiety diminished. I was treated with the utmost dignity and Cathy's calm, soothing style put me at ease. That was two years ago.

If this testimony results in encouraging anyone to seek Cathy's care, I will have achieved my purpose in penning this letter. Not only has this therapy made a dramatic improvement in my IBS-constipation issues, it has eliminated my stress and anxiety about my physical wellness. Further, my overall health has blossomed with no cold or flu viruses since I started seeing Cathy. I have lost some weight; my body's contour has changed for the better and I feel much more energized!

There is no embellishment here; I challenge anyone to top my story.



Desiree - Kansas City, MO
"When I was sick and overweight back in 2011, I threw in the towel and wanted a change over from the kind of healthcare I was using... because something in my heart said that the medication I was taking for high blood pressure, severe migraines, inflammation, swelling in my ankles, back pain etc…wasn't the answer. I started out with an exercise program and a low caloric diet which definitely helped but wasn't enough.Then I was introduced to raw foods by a nutritionist on a fitness camp, and cleansing detox diets without the use of chemicals or drugs, and then I came across colon cleansing with Cathy Basse and integrated her treatments and recommendations with my cleansing diet to detoxify and get rid of the medications, processed foods, and artifical sweeteners I was using. I lost 55 pounds within 4 months, gained loads of energy and my blood pressure normalized to the point that my doctor dismissed my medication. What I experienced with and through Cathy's help was life changing and rewarding all in one. If you or anyone you know has a digestive problem, constipation, acne or simply needs to detox. Have them look into Colon Hydrotherapy & a Detox diet. Don't waste your life; be able to play with your kids as long as you can."

Nancy - Overland Park, KS
I have to tell you as nervous as I was during
my colonic, I trusted Cathy and felt her love in helping me. I’m looking forward to my next
colonic with Cathy.

Ana - Los Angeles, CA

I am 83 year old relatively healthy and active woman ( I exercise at the YMCA on a weekly basis) with normal body weight of 116 pounds for my small frame. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables with modest amount of meat, fish and poultry.

I had fairly regular bowel movements, but recently in my old age I find it less than satisfying in terms of how I felt afterward. My lower belly was protruded even though the rest of my body was slim.

I never knew anything about the effects of the backed-up colon, but at the urging of my daughter I received colon therapy from Cathy while visiting Kansas City. She was very gentle and caring so I felt comfortable with the whole process from the beginning.

After 3 treatments I began to see the difference in my belly, I was moving more swiftly, and noticed having a lot more energy. After the first month of about 6 treatments I have lost 6 of 116 pounds of my body weight all from getting rid of the wastes in my colon. My belly was flat and my morning rituals a lot more satisfactory.

Chris S - St Louis MO
Cathy is a profound and gifted healer. She is a wise teacher and I found her to be a skillful listener. Cathy met my desperate suffering with uncommon grace, compassion and warmth, not found with others I have worked with in the past. Her unfaltering presence of mind and spirit instilled in me peace and security. Her voice was soothing and calming for me at a time when I couldn't listen to anyone. As my world collapsed around me, Cathy helped me not only survive my loss, but also opened the window of possibility that I might even grow from it. For that, I am extremely grateful.

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